1-    Economic development is a branch of___________
ANS;  Economics
2-    Economic development deals with_________
ANS;  Causes and cures of mass poverty
3-    The concept of economic development started from________
ANS;  Industrial revolution
4-    Economics is a long term _________ process.
ANS;  Multidimensional
5-    In economic development it is insure that________ is fairly distributed.
ANS;  National income
6-    Economic development is concerned with________ of economic activities.
ANS;  Promotion
-         7Real GNP refers to total output in _____ term
ANS;  Real
7-    If real income of a country is increases over a long period of time, country is consider to be making__________
ANS;  Economic development
8-    A short term rise in national income is due to_______
ANS;  Business cycle
9-    Average income of the people of a country is _______
ANS;  Per capital income
10-                       Per capital income reflect the ________ of people
ANS;  Living standard
11-                       According to__________ method economic development is increase n consumption of goods and services
ANS;  Welfare as measure
12-                       Economic development is a________ improvement in material well being.
ANS;  Sustained and secular
13-                       Increase in production of goods and services ignores_______
ANS;  Social opportunity cost
14-                       Physical quality of life includes ________ indicators.
ANS;  Three
15-                       Physical quality of life index ignores _______ aspect.
ANS;  Quantitative
16-                       Without ______ development, it is difficult to improve qualitative aspect of life
ANS;  Quantitative
17-                       All the person have _______ which are necessary for survival
ANS;  Basic needs
18-                       Basic purpose of economic development is to provide_______ to the people
ANS;  Basic needs
19-                       The people of an economy feel________
ANS;  Freedom and respect
20-                       There is increase in_______ when economic development takes place.
ANS;  Industrialization
21-                       The purpose of economic development is to change in ______ pattern.
ANS;  Trade
22-                       The increase in _______ of a country is known as capital formation.
ANS;  Real assets
23-                       The level of saving can be increase by_______ in the economy.
ANS;  Prosperity
24-                       Through economic development________ growth rate is controlled.
ANS;  Population
25-                       Economic development brings the change in _______ of people
ANS;  Behavior
26-                       The ______ represent increase in production of goods and services.
ANS;  Economic growth
27-                       Economic development is a _______ term
ANS;  Qualitative
28-                       Economic growth is a_________ term
ANS;  Quantitative
29-                       Economic development has ______ term
ANS;  Wider
30-                       Economic growth is a ______ term than economic development.
ANS;  Narrow
31-                       Development leading to _______ transformation of social and economic system
ANS;  Structured
32-                       Growth is just an______ of existing system
ANS;  Expansion
33-                       Economic development t is a _______ process
ANS;  Long term
34-                       Economic development leads to the policy of _______
ANS;  Self reliance
35-                       Economic development is the final _­_______ of the country.
ANS;  Destination
36-                       Economic growth is the ______ phase of economic development
ANS;  Mediator
37-                       Economic development leads_______
ANS;  Economic welfare
38-                       Economic development emphasis on _______ growth of economy.
ANS;  Balanced
39-                       Economic growth is concerned with _______ uplift of the economy.
ANS;  Statistical
40-                       Economic development can not be ________ measured.
ANS;  Numerically
41-                       Economic development implies ________ plus change
AND;  growth
42-                       The _______ of world population lives in poor and less developed countries
ANS;  Three- forth
43-                       Three- forth population receives ______ of worlds incme.
ANS;  16%
44-                       Per capita income in richest country is_________
ANS;  $30000 Per annum
45-                       Per capital income means ______ income of the people.
ANS;  average
46-                       Per capital income is calculated by divided the national income with______
ANS;  total population
47-                       Less develop countries are poor because their ______ is low.
ANS;  Per capital income
48-                       Unemployment means a person is physically _______ enough to take a job
ANS;  fit and qualified
49-                       There is high ______ growth rate in less developed countries.
ANS;  population
50-                       Majority of people in less developed countries are lived in ______
ANS;  rural areas
51-                       In less developed countries the natural resources are _______
ANS;  under utilized
52-                       Capital means the part of wealth used to earn more_______
ANS;  Wealth
53-                       In less developed countries there is _________ of capitals.
ANS;  Deficiency
54-                       The level of literacy in less developed countries is ______
ANS;  low
55-                       Curricula and syllabus in LDC’S is ________
ANS;  Outdated
56-                       The quality of population is judge by its_______
57-                       Market imperfection means the factors under which the forces of _______ can not work forcefully.
ANS;  demand and supply
58-                       Vicious circle of poverty is ______ flow of forces.
ANS;  Circular
59-                       Balance of payment is the systematic record of all ________
Between more than one country.
ANS;  Economic transactions
60-                       In LDCS there is __________ balance of payment.
ANS;  Unfavorable
61-                       Inflation means persistent rise in _______ of a country.
ANS;  Price
62-                       The ______  of people is decreases when inflation increases.
ANS;  purchasing power
63-                       In LDCS the entrepreneur hesitate to take_________
ANS;  Initiatives
64-                       There is inequalities of _________ in LDCS.
ANS;  Income distributions
65-                       In LDCS, main occupation is __________
ANS;  Agriculture
66-                       Infrastructure is the basic __________ structure for the operation of an economy.
ANS;  Physical and organizational
67-                       Public debt means borrowing of ________ from within the country or from abroad
ANS;  government
68-                       Political instability means the _________ changes frequently.
ANS;  government
69-                       Capital output ratio means the relationship of __________ to the output of an economy
ANS;  investment
70-                       Labor output ratio can be define as a ________ required to produce an additional unit of output.
ANS;  unit of labor
71-                       Almost all developing countries are situated in _______ zone.
ANS;  tropical or sub tropical
72-                       Human capital flight is known as _______
ANS; International brain drain
73-                       Poverty means lack a certain amount of ______
ANS;  Basic needs

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